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Recently I acquired some vintage books in a second-hand book shop I in Falmouth another book was aquired in a charity shop this being Attention All Shipping by Charles Connelly.

The first selection of books were Sea Angling With The Specimen Hunters, edited by Hugh Stoker, the other was Rock Fishing by Trevor Housby and the last Sea Fishing for Amatures – a practical book on fishing from shore, rocks, or piers by Frank Hudson. The later a well illustrated book of key marks around our shores.

Other good books are the The Fisherman’s Apprentice by Monty Hall, Stein – Coast to Coast and Fish etc by Mark Hix. These titles just help you cook what you catch and understand what goes in to putting fish on your table. My recent visit to Cormwall and to the fishing village of Chagwith is a stark reminder that the Sean can be a cruel place. There within the grey clad harbour are memorials to those lost at sea.

As autumn is on our doorstep and the dark nights draw in, a glass of good Whisky or ale and a good book helps those darker nights and reflections of a season with tight lines more palatable.