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Chiswick Car Booty - items found today

Chiswick Car Booty – items found today

Today being the 1st day of September marked another Chiswick Car Boot Sale, always held on the first Sunday of the month.

On this sunny September day the sun shone through the Ash trees along the riverbank as we cycled over past Dukes Meadows to the School on the A316. There we were greeted by a group of ladies dressed in luminous yellow vests as they took the entrance money, this year it is £1 per person yet children are free.

My quest today was to find some spares for my X246B Tilley Lantern and an old paraffin can. Having methodically worked the rows of tables and car boots I came across a couple of Tilley Lamps in varying states with a starting price of £15, cheap when you consider the cost of spares that you can get off an average lamp. The hoods, burners and glass would all get the asking price on eBay as individually listed items. However having already 3 Tilley Lamps I didn’t really need another one or did I?

Ship in a Bottle - the Peckham Rye

Ship in a Bottle – the Peckham Rye

I found on the outer edge of the boot sales an old Esso Paraffin branded can but too large for my needs, though there was an old rusted tin on the same stand which I thought I’d take a punt on. Unfortunately when I tried to clean it up a small hole appeared so I’m not sure it was such a great purchase.

Vintage Efgeeco Rod Holder

Vintage Efgeeco Rod Holder

Today was a great day for finds. I did find a couple of clean reals one being an ABU 506 and the other a mint blue Mitchell 410A with boxed spare spool, both of these I acquired for a score. My other purchases were a pair of CATSEYE cycle lights, a Maglite torch for £2, a pair of reel rings and a fantastic ship in an old Haig bottle, part of a collection of boats in bottles that I found but could only justify buying one. Towards the end of the mornings viewing I found an old canvas and leather Efgeeco rod holder, the trader from Suffolk wanted £8 but before I even had the chance to ask him his best price he said ‘ go on I know what you’re going to ask, a fiver’, slightly taken back I said well if that’s what you’re offering I’ll take it, so it was duly purchased.

On occasions I have visited the sale and resisted buying anything if not needed but this time being the first big sale after the summer I knew I’d come away with a few items.