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Carp in the margins at sunset

Carp in the margins at sunset

The air was full of the scent of elderflower as the sun set and the colours of the lake changed to indigo and deep purple.

The opposite bank of the lake was silhouetted by the trees and their detail blended into the evening haze. Herons took up station on wooden platforms and swans gracefully swam in the margins. In an opening between trees a path lead down to the water’s edge where evening primrose and blackberry lined the trodden path.

The surface of the water was broken by the back of a carp, soon the water seem to boil with carp taking food from the surface film. Here at the Leg O Mutton reserve in Barnes you can’t fish but it was a treat to watch these carp and many of them play in the margins where ripples in the water gave their positions away.

I will return at first light over the next few days to observe these mighty fish of whom I would suggest could tip the scales at well over 20lb. You would need a good stalking rod if you were to fish for these carp, a 10ft Chapmans 550 would be ideal or you could get away with an 8ft Allcocks spinning rod, however as this is a no fishing zone so I’ll have to just sit and imagine catching one of these dark brown monsters.