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Recently my time doesn’t seem to be my own nor do I have the time to catch the right tides to pursue a bass or fair maiden (Guilt-head Bream). With that old saying in mind time has passed by all too quickly and the high tides are now late into the evening and I just can’t get to the Sussex Coast to catch the late evening tide because of work pressures.

With the trout season well under way and the coarse fishing season about to commence this coming weekend I feel slightly lost, as if sinking beneath the waves of the commercial world. However I have managed to locate a good Hardy JJH Triumph split cane rod and a Sharpes Featherweight, both prized additions to my collection of cane rods. One interesting purchase was an old line winder called The ”Elwye” folding, extending line dryer. It’s extending arms built to the same pattern as the Elwye disgorger. PATENT No.21966/34 and I believe retailed by Pegley Davies. I will post pictures of these items sometime next week.

Venison Chilli Con Carne

Venison Chilli Con Carne

My other achievement in the week was to cook, though late in the evening, Chilli Con Carne made of diced venison. I was given some fresh venison last Saturday by Chris of Winterbourne Game of Dorset. I cooked this much in the same way as my usual Chilli but on a lower heat and for a longer time, I am now a convert to this fantastic alternative meat for this dish, lean and full of flavour. Served with boiled rice and fresh corn on the cob and washed down with a glass of new world Shiraz.

Well it’s pack your bags time for me as I head to the Netherlands for a few days and upon my return I will head out with cane in my hands for a day fishing.