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Mayfly hatch on the Wye

Mayfly hatch on the Wey

After a swift drive down the A31 we arrived the other side of Farnham to spend a late Saturday afternoon fishing the Syndicated water of the Hampshire Wey as a guest of my good friend and life long fishing companion Shaun Madle. We tackled up with a small Farlow’s cane rod and my dependable Hardy Deluxe Smuggler #5 and for our young enthusiast a 7ft #4 paired to a Hardy Viscount 130 reel.

The deep pool

The deep pool

Young ‘Tales‘ was on a quest to catch a fish and in the late afternoon sun. We walked the lush green banks of the small Hampshire river. It wasn’t long before a fish was spotted taking duns from the water under the shadow of a willow. A line or two were cast with a small dry-fly but met will little interest. After about 20 mins of stalking this fish there was one half-hearted take and then a dark shape of a reasonable sized fish took flight downstream and into the weed.

A River Wye brown trout

A River Wey brown trout

Several hours had passed when Shaun hooked a fish on a Mayfly nymph only to find that the fish spat the hook out moments later only then to take the fly again. Once landed,  a quick observation from young Tales alerted us to the fact that this small brown trout was packed with perch fry, to the extent that its mouth was so full they were falling out on the ground. Not only had Shaun caught the only trout of the afternoon but also four perch.

A Wye brown trout packed with fry

A Wey brown trout packed with fry

There were a few Mayfly on the water but most of the action seemed to be sub-surface. Young Tales enjoyed his afternoon even though he spent most of it in terror from a field full of inquisitive horse that took a keen interest in him.

We will return another day to try to tempt one of these wily Wey trout into the net. Our thanks to our host who showed us how to do it.