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In early May on rocky outcrops, cliff tops and wind-swept grass banks ‘Thrift or Sea Pink’ push up their tightly packed globe like flower heads from their low basal rosettes of fine grass like leaves. A mass of light and dark pink flower sets them apart from other early flowering species. For me Thrift is one of natures calling cards, there is much to be learned from mother nature.

For those who are into bass fishing this is the first sign that the crabs will be moulting their hard shells and that with a peeler crab used as bait you may well attract a predatory sea bass.

Sea Pink also known as ThriftIn my garden in a small terracotta pot I have two established native plants, one a tight bun of about 3 inches in diameter and the other a good 8 inches, neither are in flower, so for me a good indication that the bass are not around yet in any meaningful numbers, however as soon as these plants flower I will be off to the Sussex Coast.