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Little Tale's Trout

Little Tale’s Trout

As chill easterly wind blows in from the continent I decided to visit Syon Park Fishery late this afternoon to take ‘Little Tales‘ for a couple of hours fishing for trout. It was so cold that the water froze in the snake rings of my Hardy Ultralite, the fly line was ridged then froze to the rod, the net went stiff like a vail and ‘Little Tales’ complained about the cold, mind you it was his idea to go fishing. One would have thought that the frozen precipitation in the form of sleet may have been a deterrent but not the case.

After three hours of walking the banks and casting to a couple of rising fish it wasn’t until the light started to fade did I get my first solid take on a damsel. Throughout the previous couple of hours the fly had been taken a couple of times but with gentle knocks when close to the margins, now the takes were firm and the trout was a solid 2lb 12oz in prime condition, a solid bar of silver with a dark green mottled back with a fine square fin.

Roll on those balmy spring eveings…barmy was the only word to describe going fishing today with a temperature of -1c.