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Lost and found, image by Nathaniel Ford

Lost and found, image by Nathaniel Ford

As high spring tides wash all manner of things onto the river bank, fellow ceramic egg hunter Nat from Isleworth has not only found and egg No.1078 but in his quest to find more stumbled upon a fishing rod.

It never ceases to amaze me what gets washed up, it was only 10 days ago when I found a rod in the river. However several bank finds recently indicate a level of commercial fishing or poaching. I have found long lines holding over 50 hooks, tied into stakes and clearly baited for eels and carp.

With regard to the recent ceramic egg finds one wonders if our anonymous artist will repeat the stunt for this Easter. The legacy of last years statement continues to intrigue all that find these eggs, some washed over 50 yards across the tow path and into green pastures.