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Angela and the barbel

Angela and the barbel

Well to coin a phrase, ‘ooh err missus that’s a big one!’ Having spent the last few days in the company of this lady it was only this morning in conversation did the subject of fishing come up.

It transpires that this lady is an extremely proficient angler and without question has more PB than I could dream of. Certainly she has a knack of extracting large barbel and in one session has reported several fish just shy of the 10lb mark. Angela told a story of a fight with a barbel in fast running water that bolted for the shelter of exposed tree roots in a bank of a river running through the New Forest. It held fast without moving for a good while whilst her accomplice took to the water to net it from the river.

To qualify her claims Angela showed a portfolio of catches on her Samsung mobile, I have included one of these pictures for all to see. This lady has the ability to catch good-sized barbel where ever she goes.