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Solar Hornet- Perch Bait

Solar Hornet- Perch Bait

Found on the foreshore of the River Thames near Small Profit Dock off the Lonsdale Road in Barnes was this Solar Hornet.

Clearly snatched by a predator and with bite marks to prove it, this crank-bait was only tethered by braid and not a wire trace. Another item for my ‘lost and found’ draw.

With winter still here the conditions are ideal for lure fishing for perch or pike. Having found several of these Solar Crank Baits it is clear that lure fishing for predators further upstream is good sport. On a backwater near Sunbury I have witnessed aggressive takes to small perch when hooked by larger pike.

Keeping an eye on the weather I think a late afternoon visit to The Creek or the Thames by Green Street in Sunbury is on the cards for later next week.