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It was mid morning when a ping from the in-box alerted me to a post from our fellow fisher, The Tuesday Swim. I always like to read his blog, a fellow vintage tackle enthusiast and I believe a photographer when not baiting swims in East London for Canal Carp or traveling far and wide in search of Barbel.

Having featured a few vintage floats on my bog earlier in the week I was pleased to read that our dear friend had received a package from Paul Cook containing some beautiful works of art, these being Swan floats, delicately dressed in fine silk and beautifully painted and varnished in a way that is Mr Cook’s trademark.

I looked across the room at an old ceramic marmalade jar full of vintage floats but none were as elegant as those pictured by out friend The Tuesday Swim.

Swan Feathers

Swan Feathers

In the back stairs where I keep some of my rods and bait boxes, tucked away on a shelf are some Swan feathers I collected with Little Tales last year when our local Swans started their molt, standing on the bank surgically stripping one feather after the next from their snow white plume. I know I don’t possess the skill to make one myself, well not to Mr Cook’s standard, so with a visit on the cards to Watford to take a few rods in for Paul to restore, I think I will pack the feathers up and ask Paul if he can make one for Little Tales for when I showed him he instantly said, ‘I want one of those’!

To read more on this see; http://thetuesdayswim.wordpress.com and read ‘ An over-dressed victorian’.

I’m sure Paul would also be happy to make you a few floats, you can find a link to Paul Cook on Fishing Friends & Other Useful Links. http://www.artofangling.net/floats.html