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C Farlow & Co Ltd Greenheart Rod

C Farlow & Co Ltd Greenheart Rod

Found at a car boot an old C Farlow & Co Ltd. Greenheart Rod. The rod still encased in its original Farlow rod bag detailing on the sewn badge, Telegrams, Greenheart, London.

It was interesting to listen to Keith Arthur Fisherman’s Blues on talkSPORT this morning, for those that missed it or any previous broadcasts visit http://www.talksport.co.uk/radio/listen-again/episode/102117  It was interesting to hear about otters but more importantly there is still a problem with mink on several home counties rivers. Having written in a recent blog about what I though was damage to roach by pike I am now wondering if there are mink on the River Ash.

Mink have a good habitat and thrive on the River Chess a small Buckinghamshire chalk stream I fished as a child. I recall several times seeing mink eating small brown trout and the occasional cray fish. Have any of you seen otters or mink on rivers feeding the Thames?

Keith Arthur also discussed home-made tackle this reminded me that I owed a few tackle makers a telephone call to catch up on projects discussed before the end of last year. There is nothing better than catching a fish on a float, spinner or lure that you’ve made.