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The odd couple -New Years Eve finds

The odd couple – New Years Eve finds

On this very wet New Year’s Eve there is time to reflect on the events of 2012. My piscatorial exploits were far and few between thanks to our friends at the Met Office who first predicted a draught for 2012 for it to turn out to be one of the wettest years on record.

The early part of 2012 allowed a trip to the River Itchen pre trout season where good sport was had with silver fish and the odd brown trout, which fell to a trotted red maggot, even on this day it was under Payne’s Grey clouds.

Hours spent walking the river were rewarded with finds of ceramic eggs from an anonymous artist, who place their street art and installations along the Thames from Richmond to Stratford in celebration of the Queens Jubilee and the Olympics.

Fishing trips were snatched on the few dry days and on the odd couple of days whilst away on the North Norfolk Coast or in a mad dash down the M23 to Brighton. Little Tales, caught a personal best with his first outing to the Feltham & Twickenham Piscatorial Society water with a large carp. I had an incident with a pike at The Creek which decided a well presented perch on the retrieve was an easy meal so a riot took place in the shadows on an alder, where Lucius won the game of Tug Of War.

My sea fishing trips resulted in a few wrasse, mackerel and the odd pouting. No bass took the bait this year so hopefully 2013 will be better. We fed the North Norfolk crabs enough bacon and pork loin to turn them into vegetarians, again a PB was chalked up as ‘Tales the minor’ hauled in 50 crabs within an hour off the side of the Albatross a fine vessel that supplies good pints of Norfolk ale.

Trips to car boots were rewarded with some great finds, these being a trio of R Chapman rods, all in need of some tlc but will grace the river in 2013, once Mr Mott of Cambridge has spent an hour or two on them. Other finds came from the river bank and shore, where lost tackle found a new home.

Conversations were had with float makers, writers and authors, rod builders, vintage tackle dealers, conservationists, bait suppliers, artists and sculptors, it was a year of great learning.

So as the light now fades away, I wish you all an enjoyable New Years Eve and a good New Year, where the sun may shine, floats will duck under, flies will be snatched from the surface and lures taken – happy fishing!