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Tuesdays visit to Sunbury Antiques Market was more like a visit to the set of Narnia. Dealers had arrived in the early hours and by the time I had arrived the thick frost that had descended on turf had also covered most artifacts. A visible covering like a dusting of icing sugar glistened in the morning light. The air was crisp and dealers stood there shivering.

There were a few wardrobes to step into and the only lion to be seen was a stone garden statue. There were the odd items of vintage tackle but nothing worth having and more the point nothing I really needed, well not at the prices being asked. There were a few cane rods but I have been threatened that if I take anymore of these items home they may be placed somewhere where it would hurt.

There were several other items had I had the space I would have been tempted to buy. There were some old metal medical canbinets, an art shop paint merchandising unit with each paint colour detailed with a Dymo label.

This was the last market of 2012 the next will be held on Tuesday 8th January 2013 at 6.30am when the gates open before sunrise that will be at 8.04am on that day.
Market dates for 2013 can be found at http://sunburyantiques.com/