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Partridges from Winterbourne Game, served with pears, potato and parsnip chips

Partridges from Winterbourne Game, served with pears, potato and parsnip chips. Cooked in the ‘Tales Kitchen’.

Having been given a couple of Partridge last Saturday I thought I’d use an old recipe I had. Partridges with marinated pears in cognac served with parsnip and potato chips.

I first clean the birds down, remove and odd feathers and pat them dry with a clean cloth. Then I cover the breast skin with a mix of unsalted butter seasoned with thyme, cracked black pepper and crushed juniper berries.  I then dress the bird with a cross of good quality bacon rashers, this adds just a touch of flavour and helps keep the birds from drying out.

The oven needs to be at 200c and I place the birds on a roasting tin and cook for 30mins, before removing from the oven to take off the bacon to brown for a further 15mins at 180c.

After about 20min you need to cook the potato and parsnip chips, I do these in a mix of light olive oil and vegetable oil. I find the best chips to be made from Maris Piper, they just have a good texture and taste.

Whilst cooking the partridge I saute the peeled pears in butter and add some remaining herbs, cook these until golden brown and set aside. Add a dash of Pear Cognac towards the end of cooking.

A good vegetable accompaniment to serve with this meal is spiced red cabbage.

As for wine, I suggest a good Pinot Noir has the right amount of body and spice not to overpower the flavours of this dish. http://www.bbr.com/grape-pn-pinot-noir or http://www.leaandsandeman.co.uk/blog/category/grape-varieties/pinot-noir/ for or http://www.waitrosedirect.com/wine