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Whilst thumbing through a copy of Bernard Venables ‘A Guide To Angling Waters South-East England’ I noticed an old newspaper cutting neatly concealed between the pages. Upon removing the cutting to read I was amused to see the accompanying cartoon by JAK.

The Anglers Rest - ...and this is how JAK sees it

The Anglers Rest – …and this is how JAK sees it

It was titled up ‘Unfair to the fish’ say the anglers, and read, ‘Describing it as unsporting, a number of London anglers have joined in banning a self-striking rod. It has been claimed that the rod will complete a catch by itself when left unattended.

The Civil Service Angling Society, of which Sir John Forster is President, has banned its use.

The Secretary, Mr E. R. Cooper said, “The general purposes committee of our society considers this an unsporting way of catching fish. “Accordingly, the committee has banned its use on the society’s private fisheries and in competitions promoted by the society.”

The Thames conservancy have also drawn attention to the fact that use of such a rod is not permitted on the Thames within its jurisdiction.