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In the late afternoon sun Eddie and I took off to fish The Creek whilst the commuters sat in traffic as they made their way home. We both agreed there was nothing better than standing by a river as the sun set between the trees and cast its dappled sunlight across the water.

The Creek is a small backwater of the Thames that runs through fields and thickets, it’s fast and coloured water from the recent rains sweeps and turns with steep banks that are lined with willow and alder.Having decided to tackle up light we used simple rig of a flowing trace with a small lead to anchor the bait as close to the bottom, the bait being some fresh red maggots. Within a couple of minutes of the first cast the rod tip pulled and then with a distinctive tap, tap a fish was on. The first fish of the day was a small but beautifully coloured perch. This was soon followed by a small roach and then two gudgeon.

I then decided to move along to another swim which was accessed by a short path in between brambles and nettles where there was a 4ft drop to the river. A short cast into the fast flowing water in front. If some slack water ended up with the cast being taken within seconds of the bait lining out with the flow. What was amusing was a robin had decided that my box of maggots were easy pickings so it decided to use my rod rest a resting place in between flights to select another maggot.

With the air now taking on that typical autumnal dampness and chill it was time to head back. There is nothing better than finishing the day by the river, its tranquil waters and the sense of freedom helps ease away the stresses of life. For one thing time seems to race by when watching the flow of the water as you never quite know where those three hours have just gone.