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It was a busy weekend, there was the Chiswick Town Hall Angling Auction, Barnes Farmers Market and the Ryder Cup to contend with.

Vintage Abu UTO

Vintage Abu UTO

As the sun started to fade on Friday evening I still had time to walk the riverbank towards the White Hart pub in order to meet Eddie for a swift pint of Youngs. There on the foreshore amongst the clumps of weed washed down with the rain from further upstream some lost souls, these being two floats and a relatively new pike lure. On further inspection there was also an aluminium bank stick with brass screw fitting in good condition and part covered in the patches of sand an old Abu UTO spoon without it’s split rings or hooks, possibly long gone as they corrode badly in the tidal Thames.

The recent rains have washed down all manner of fishing items, mainly bait boxes,  floats, a fishing box seat top but last week the bottom half of a Carp Stalking rod. The question is who loses all this stuff?

Saturday was warm and bright, somehow I managed to forget to head to Chiswick Town Hall for the auction where the great and good of the vintage tackle fraternity would be. I read in a post this morning from our friend at the ‘thetuesdayswim‘ that he managed to acquire a couple of Allcocks Aerial C 815 3 3/4″ Centrepin reels for £100…and over the weekend found another in a job lot of tackle advertised on eBay for a mere £30…bargins to be had.

Barn Bacon Company

Barn Bacon Company

I spent my Saturday morning helping out Will Smith from the Barn Bacon Company sell his fine bacon, hams, pork pies and as a special some 28 day matured Dexter beef, the cuts from the Dexter were all sold pretty quickly.

By 3.30pm with the autumn sun still bright I debated on a quick trip to Sunbury to see if I could tempt the odd perch out from a spot I know that holds a good head of them, but with the thought of friends coming over for supper I realised that my one last cast mentality would ultimately end up with me being late so I gave it a miss.

Sunday was another bright day and with a full timetable, football in the morning and a late lunch with friends to watch the European Team close the gap in the Ryder Cup there was no chance to cast a maggot. My only fishing at the weekend was like my friend at ‘thetuesdayswim‘ on eBay, where I aquired a rod button to replace one lost on an old Milbro rod, a canvas float holder purchased to hold a small selection of floats in, a spare Shimano 6010GT spool, so I can have a spool loaded with 12 line for barbel fishing.

Clearly there are a few gems to be found either on riverbanks, car boots and being sold by those that know little of the value of some tackle items on that well know internet auction site, eBay.