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Box of Paul Adam's Hand-Made Lures

Box of Paul Adam’s Lures

I was fortunate enough to receive a box of hand-made lures from Paul Adams a few months ago, these were for me to try out. I was so impressed with them I asked Paul if he could send me some more with the view that I would take these to a few people I know in the tackle trade to see if they would retail these hand-made works of art.

Paul’s lures are unique as they are a hybrid of a lure and casting spoon, one side is the relief of a fish with detailed sprayed scales, sculpted gill plates and a holographic 3D eye and the other side is of a much flatter profile which means when retrieved in the water they flutter.

I have approached a couple of well-known retailers and the likes of Grangers of South Kensington a destination fishing specialist, who incidentally have a huge display of Rapala lures in their window, hoping that they will take the bait and stock these beautiful hand-made lures for the discerning fisherman. With the growth of lure fishing for bass I was hoping that a couple of the well-known retailers would get behind Paul and promote his lures they are if nothing else works of art and made in the UK. The quest to get someone like Farlows to stock them continues…

 Hand-Made Small Joey/Sardine Lure

Small Joey Lure

There are without question ‘Master’ hand-made lure makers such as Isao Matsumoto and Tatumi Endoh, their skill at making lures with immense detail borders on pure art. There is also Mark Houghton who makes custom-made lures with modest pricing and from the Netherlands ‘Lucky Lures’, where you will pay the equivalent of £45 for a lure and upwards.

With so many lures coming in from the Far East and with a high price tag, these hand-made lures from Paul who is based on Merseyside I feel are well priced at £17.50 especially when you take into account the meticulous way they are made, each one is hand painted, finished and tank tested (in a bath), so no lure is exactly the same. These hand crafted lures deserve a space in any bass, pike or salmon fishers box.

A Paul Adams lure, this one is a killer for pike.

A Paul Adams lure, this one is a killer for pike.

Mind you the likes of Andrew Field or Paul Cook with their custom-made floats seems to have a thriving internet based business so maybe that is the answer for Paul Adams.  I feel the discerning angler will seek out the best tackle so with accessibility of the internet I feel sure the more people who are aware of these fine lures the more Paul will sell.

Paul has a great blog and website so I can recommend you visit it. http://homeluremaking.blogspot.co.uk or pauladam@aol.com.

As for my bass fishing exploits for the weekend the wind and rain put pay to my thoughts of landing a silver bar, maybe later in the week.