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As the summer sun starts to wane, the evening temperatures drop, the morning dew saturating and the surrounding countryside starts to take on colours of ocher, browns and rust, the sea manages to keep its temperature.

I will head to Brighton tomorrow to take part in the annual Brighton Marina Bass Match For The RNLI. The competition is to be held at Brighton Marina on both the East and West walls as the sun starts to hit the yard-arm and sinks slowly down behind the Palace Pier.  The competition starts at 7pm and will carry on into the night until 2am.

Brightom Marina RNLI Bass Match 2012

Brighton Marina RNLI Bass Match 2012

The rules of the event are 2 rods 1 hook per rod, no float fishing and no lures. The main prize for the event is a Zziplex Powertex Bass Rod with a host of other sponsors giving prizes.

The RNLI is the Charity that saves lives at sea. I am a great supporter of this Charity and the work they do both off shore and on inland rivers.

The Organisers of the event are Craig Gosling and Andrew Bennett, who both deserve thanks for all the effort they have put in and I’m sure there will be some interesting stories to report.