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Vitorinox Swiss Army Knife and a Leatherman Micra - both essentail kit to own

Vitorinox Swiss Army Knife and a Leatherman Micra – both essentail kit to own

Having been prompted by a post from BlundstoneLove on the virtues of giving a minor a Vitorinox Swiss Army Knife I thought I’d take a lead and consider giving my ‘Little Tales’ access to one as well.

When ever we are out fishing the first item in the tackle box he aims for is my Leatherman Micra, it has incredibly sharp blades and my concern is that the next thing required will be the BAND-AID box to be found. I guess I may be being over protective but it’s that fine line between being the responsible parent and allowing him to join in and share the experiences I had at his age.

The Leatherman Micra has the best scissors on any small tool I have found to date and is such an invaluable item when fishing. The Swiss Army Knife is more an icon but having owned one with all the tools one could ever wish to use housed in its red casing. I decided some years ago to opt for the Leatherman, as the main tool I used when fishing was the scissors. I have found the scissors on the Swiss Army Knife prone to not working that well as the little leaf spring can break, the Leatherman is just better.  I report that I have lost one of these in the past after having left it on the roof of the car when packing up in Banksome Chine near Bournemouth and driven off only to realise when home what I had done. Maybe had I been using the red cased Swiss Army Knife I would have noticed it, as the Leatherman in its Stainless Steel blended in with the paintwork of the car also with their incredibly small size they are easy to misplace.

If I go back to my childhood I recall I was given a rather large knife with a deer antler handle when I was a Cub in the Boy Scouts, it shows you how times have change as this knife had a 5 inch blade, was heavy and in the wrong hands would be considered a dangerous weapon. So should I give my young son use of a small Swiss Army Knife I found in a box of old tackle I purchased at Wimbledon Car Boot, I guess as long as he’s supervised I’ll run with it as he is alway keen to slice up the mackerel into thin strips to fish with or trim off the heads and tails of sand eels and trim the extra bits of line off.

I remember my uncle Bern gave me a black handled knife he used when trimming his leather work, he was a master at making things in canvas and leather, to this day I cherish several bags, leather belts and old tins of odds and ends my aunt gave me after he passed away. I still have the knife which he gave me at a young age. So I guess as I still have all my fingers and didn’t stab myself then, just maybe then I can give ‘Little Tales’ a small penknife which I hope he will treasure, as they become an essential item once you own one.