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After a good nights sleep it was time to sort out the carnage after the few days camping in Cornwall, what I would say is that what we ended up with was nothing like what I saw today of the remains of the Reading Festival.

St Ives

St Ives

Having had to pack away the tents and all the camping equipment in the rain everything was still damp and in need of airing on the balcony. Somehow tent pegs seem to be in every bag, sleeping bags missing their correct storage bag, fishing tackle everywhere but not where you’d want it and that thought of would I ever put myself through that again…

The St Ives Arts Club

The St Ives Arts Club

Having had time to reflect on the better parts of the few days what I would recommend is a visit to the Millennium Gallery in St Ives to see the works of Richard Nott, his new exhibition called ‘Unearthed’. The Gallery hosts a list of good artists see http://www.millenniumgallery.co.uk  other artists such a Sarah Ball, Andrew Hardwick, Joy Wolfenden Brown and others make this a premier gallery of the South West.

The home of Alfred Wallis in St Ives

The home of Alfred Wallis in St Ives

St Ives is also home to the Tate Galllery also around the town you will find sculptures by Hepburn and the home of Alfred Wallis.

Stormy skies at sunset, St Ives

Stormy skies at sunset

One good aspect of the inclement weather is that the photographs I took reflected the moody nature of the weather and gave a different pallet of colours to work with. St Ives has always been a focal point for artists, Nicholson, Hepburn, Wallis being names that most people will recognise but its magical nature and spiritual influence still draws artists, writers, sculptures and photographers.

The boot and glove dog

The reclaimed boot dog

In Porthleven we found a studio possibly owned by the king of reclaim, it was full of items possibly washed up on the shore or discarded by fishermen but then put to good use and artifacts made into sculptures one a boat and the other a dog made out of fishermens rubber boots.

Boat sulpture found in Porthleven

Boat sculpture found in Porthleven

Hopefully I will return in October to paint and fish again.