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Fruit Pastilles as barbel bait whatever next?

Fruit Pastilles as barbel bait whatever next?

Luncheon meat, cheese, worms, hemp, boilies, maggots, meatballs and halibut pellets seem to be the main stay of barbel baits used but now I hear of a River Derwent barbel fisher who has had success on Fruit Pastilles.

I have only ever had a take by these beautiful fish on a legered worm from a swim near Lower Sunbury. In fact I haven’t really targeted barbel in earnest yet. I have much to learn about coarse fishing as for many years I have chosen to fly fish for grayling, trout, sea-trout and salmon. The past three years my focus has shifted to fishing for bass and sea bream and within the last couple of years more focus on coarse fishing as it is accessible for my young son as we live a stones throw from the Thames.

There are several books and many blogs that cover barbel fishing and one in particular, Modern Barbel Baits And Tactics by John Barker. A copy of this book will set you back between £75-150, that’s if you can find one. Also an article by Andy Humphries, Carp Tactics For Barbel. Clearly I have some serious bedtime reading to do, plus a day out with a seasoned barbel fisher wouldn’t go a-miss. See http://www.barbelcatchers.co.uk for some interesting articles.

The story about the Fruit pastilles goes something like this. Damian a young gentleman who manages the sales of the Barn Bacon Company of Nottingham spends his spare time in search of specimen barbel on the River Derwent. Taking himself off for a few days camping by the river and cooking his meals at dusk, he tends to use whatever food scraps he has as bait should needs be. On a recent trip and as dusk fell he found himself out of bait. Searching around his provisions he found a packet of Fruit Pastilles, with a notion that this may work he tied a pastille onto a hair rig cast it into the swim and was duly rewarded with a 9lb barbel.

So it there a case that barbel have a sweet tooth? Should you be a barbel fisherman and find yourself on this blog, I’d love to hear back from you.

I hear red, yellow and green pastilles work so is this the green light to a new bait…