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It’s that time of the year when I take refuge in Norfolk, a time to draw on my creative spirit, a time to watch the endless blue sky and time to stand by the harbour wall in Wells-next-the Sea and go crabbing with my son.

Like a wound up coil spring in a clockwork tin toy his excitement has been hard to contain, in fact he’s been packing his bag for days. Eager every morning to rise but disappointed to learn that there are a few days to wait before we depart, the excitement you can see in his eyes.

It will be a few days away for me to focus all my time on my young son sadly his older brother wont be with us, but it will be a boys only holiday.  The time will be spent walking in the pine woods, along the endless beaches and  hours spent lowering down and pulling up a crabbing net…I can’t wait.

The other thing we will be doing is fishing for bass at Salthouse and some fishing on the Fens for esox lucius to try out the lures kindly sent by Paul Adams. A multitude of rods, reels, floats and other fishing paraphernalia will accompany us. I will pack my B James Perfection and my B James MK IV Compound Taper 10ft rod plus a beachcaster and a spinning rod, somehow I have to fit a bike in the car, all the bags, a couple of duvets plus a young child.

I sense a trip to the Albatross which is moored in the harbour at Wells, there I can enjoy an early evening pint of Woodforde’s Wherry whilst his lordship plunders the depths in search of ‘Cley the Cromer Crab’. For sure a stop off at The Lord Nelson at Burnham Thorpe will be in order after a day of fishing the fens.

One other thing we will do is have a rummage at the local bric-a-brac sale where on previous visits good reels and rods have been found. On the last visit we picked up an old Tilley Lamp which will be making a return journey, hopefully we can get it working.