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As the sun set Eddie and I took to the river. With the sun now hidden by the hedgerow on the opposite bank, the water now a deep indigo, with rivers of gold where the remaining sun cast the last of the evening light, all you could see of the stones beneath the water was their mixed sizes in fifty shades of grey.

Dusk on the Thames

Dusk on the Thames, Eddie fishing with his new Okuma Sheffield

Eddie was trying out his new Okuma Sheffield reel and trotting, occasionally his float would bob beneath the surface but this was from the wind pushing his float too close the shore and the bait would get caught on the stones beneath the waves. Both of us were fishing vintage floats but wish we should have been fishing a lighter set up. Having baited the water we were in hope of a few dace or roach but none were to find their way to our baited hooks.

The the river running with little ripple, the shadows of the trees and their reflection made the evenings adventure picturesque. Only the occasional rise of a small fish in the margins would break the mirror like surface. Maybe tomorrow we may have better fortunes especially as our fishing companion Brian reported that he had caught two reasonable size chub the evening before.