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Having spent the evening in Mayfair at an event the discussions centred around the preparation for the Diamond Jubilee Weekend and the Olympics. The focus of the discussion was about how prepared were the Met Police on guarding the River Thames after the Oxford v Cambridge Boat Race incident of earlier this year.

Having access to the river and I hasten to add the Queens Barge the Policing I feel has been petty lapse. Whilst the Royal Barge is moored near Richmond Bridge nothing stops anyone planting something beneath it from the river side. In fact with easy access to the river little stops anyone with the inclination to plant something sub surface and detonate it, god forbid. All I have seen is the Met and City Police cover the water from the surface on large ribs and at a fairly progressive pace.

As the press are saying this is a real test for the Police but I have seen real flaws in their preparation. All I can do is hope the weekend events go without a hitch. See http://www.thamesdiamondjubileepageant.org/EventInformation.aspx for information on the event…remember to wave your vintage Union flag, plenty to be found on eBay for sale.

On the story of the Thames ceramic eggs more have been found between Barnes and Hammersmith with more reported by Dartford. With a reasonably free day tomorrow I may head off to the North Kent coast in search of more ceramic eggs.