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Towards the Tate Modern

Over the last few days I have been busy going back and forth between Barnes Bridge and Waterloo Station. Having had several meeting to discuss possible work projects so I took myself of to the shore by the South Bank complex just beneath the Royal Festival Hall and walked along the sandy foreshore towards the Tate Modern on the way home.

Clay pipes from the shores of the River Thames near the South Bank

Clay pipes from the shores of the River Thames near the South Bank

I found lots of old clay pipes, pottery, coloured glass and old bones. There were many fragments of tea cups which then reminded me of the works of art I had seen earlier in the week at the Riverside Gallery, where I noted the works of a new artist with three decorated cups and one with a small sail boat in the bottom. I found the title of this work amusing but very apt.

Storm In A Tea Cup

Storm In A Tea Cup

As they say you can’t choose your family but you can your friends this couldn’t be more salient to me as what started out as a storm in a tea cup has turned out to become a full hurricane that just wont move on.

Anyway to put the worries aside in life there is no better remedy than a day fishing or a an hour or so on the river bank in search of vintage and ancient finds.

Once home I met up with David a fellow mudlark who was not only fascinated by what I had found but proceeded to tell me about the refurbishment of a Dutch Barge where the fitters were skipping most of the old wood hatch covers, tables came to mind…. so we decided after some deliberation to head off and see if the fitters had skipped the hatches or taken them to the dump. The pleasant surprise was as it was such a warm day the hatches had been piled up and left on the quayside. We asked as to the their fait and was told that should we want them if we were prepared to cart them off there and then they were ours.

So I now have a newly decked garden in Dutch Barge hatch covers. What fascinates me most is that they are so beautifully made, between each plank is a strip of heavy duty canvas braid that is covered in tar along with the planks to be waterproof. What I will do is turn these hatches into table tops, well one of them.

As the sun shone new flowers appeared on the wall of the Thames bringing colour to the usually grey wall.

Flowering seedum