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Saturday started with an early morning call at 6am from a self-confessed obsessive egg collector who has got the bug. Having had little sleep after having been to a relatives drinks party the night before in their fabulous arts & crafts house on the edge of Richmond Park I could have done with an extra hour in bed especially as I was going to help out at the local farmers market for the day cooking bacon butties, burgers, eggs and sausages. Yes that word eggs came up in conversation with David but the eggs he was talking about were of the ceramic kind.

So I pulled on the jeans and polo shirt, grabbed the Barbour and old Hunters and headed out the door in search of more ceramic eggs on the shore near Hammersmith Bridge. Fortunately we found some and soon enough David was in the thick of it…mud that is retrieving the few eggs we found. I also found a couple under a pontoon used by one of the rowing clubs. Most of the ceramic eggs we picked up were about 7cm in size and of various colours.

We then headed to a small cove near the Crabtree pub a regular haunt on match days to watch Fulham FC. There nestled in the bank side vegetation were a couple of ceramic eggs one a duck egg blue and the other a deep bronze. With a mornings work to do I managed to get David back in the car and home for a well deserved cup of Yorkshire tea. With a quick turnaround I headed up to the farmers market and took up station behind the stall to cook for the rest of the morning. I have to say the bacon and orange and honey glazed ham is to die for. For details see http://www.barnbacon.co.uk

After a busy morning we cleaned up at 2.30pm and I headed home. Earlier the postman had been and delivered some salmon flies and a small Wheatley fly box I had purchased for a friend.

I decided to check my emails and noted that Alex had dropped me a note to tell me that he too had found several eggs on the Thames near Chiswick…he’s now turned into an egg hunter.

Interesting to note that my other half who I have to say insn’t interested in fishing was debating on going to see Salmon Fishing In The Yemen….there is hope yet!