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At first light I thought we would enjoy a break in the weather but not to be. Had the rain held off then I would have headed to the banks of the River Wey near Farnham in search of brown trout. I wouldn’t have thought the river would have been fishable but just to get out of the house and walk the vibrant green banks would have been pleasurable enough for a Bank Holiday Monday.

Wheatley Fly Box Full Of Salmon Flies

Having had time to tidy up my fishing bags a repack and sort out the fly boxes I remembered that I hadn’t written up about the fabulous hand-made floats by Paul Daddy. A few months ago I spoke to Paul about replicating some old floats and designs my grandfather had. Having sketched out the designs and posted them off to him I was pleased to receive the fully made and painted versions, they are a real work of art.

Hand Made Floats by Paul Daddy