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One of the downfalls of living in London is that the kids steal the batteries out of the door bell, more for the hell of it than need.

Our postman has got the plot that if there is a package to deliver he will usually knock twice in light that the door bell no longer works. Yesterday he delivered a fine Wheatley Fly Box full of well dressed Salmon and Sea Trout flies. These flies were purchased in anticipation of a trip to Wales and the Tweed.

On the note of the eggs in the Thames nothing was found today other than a few fragments of the outer ceramic casing, a broken oar with a red and yellow blade and a Rhino bin full of water, these were the only thing of note washed up on the shore today.

On eBay today I saw a Hardy waistcoat magnifying glass sell for £64, a Hardy waistcoat Dry Fly Oil glass bottle for £445, a Hardy LRH Lightweight reel changed hands for £153 and a Hardy Princess reel for £125. The name Hardy of Alnwick is commanding good prices it seems, especially for rare items.

Hopefully tomorrow I will receive some floats in the post, made by an artisanal float maker to a very high standard and to a custom design by Paul Daddy. Also there should be another box of flies by Hardy on its way, these come in an original 70’s Hardy’s plastic box and are smaller flies for the Tweed.