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Today marks the 5th All England Squid Fishing Competition to be held at Brighton Marina and on the East Arm. If it is anything like a repeat of last year then the walls will be packed with eager fishermen in search of a ‘Kraken’ from the deep. This event is a fundraiser for the RNLI a very worthy cause.

For those who may need it to get through the day a hearty slug of Kraken Rum may be in order. A fine rum for those of you who may not have tried it. http://www.krakenrum.com . The illustration of the Kraken was done by Steven Noble.

The entry fee is £5 with a £2 fishing charge for the day. TronixPro and Hart are sponsors of the day and last year gave each fisherman a TronixPro Lure so it was an even match for all to outwit the squid who swim close in by the Marina wall. They are not the easiest of sea creatures to catch as they snatch at the bait and when reeling in usually fall off.

The event starts at 11am just before high tide and will run until 16.00 hrs. See http://www.squidfish.net for more information on squid fishing. Last years event can be seen a http://www.sportingfish.co.uk/fishyrobs-diary.html and squid jigs can be found on http://www.tronixpro.com