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With the sun shinning on this Easter Good Friday it’s time to head out and head South to Ramsgate.

Hornby Signal Box Ramsgate, found at Plough LaneFound at a local car boot this Hornby signal box reminded me of days when spent playing with trains with my father. He built me a most fabulous railway that had tunnels, green fields, sidings, platforms, bridges and tarmac coal yards. I found recently in my loft the original boxed set I had from the early 60’s, still in fine condition with all the parts there. My father now retired and the classic ex Bank Manger has the most enormous railway in his loft but sadly the grandchildren don’t seem to be that interested in trains, but then again they’re not invited up to the loft these days.

Over the last couple of years I have been given the privilege position of taking to the water with Dave who has a boat aptly named Daktari, Daktari was a TV series screened from 1966-1969, it’s small and only large enough for two and only enough space to swing a herring by its tail. last year we headed out of Ramsgate in search of smoothounds and bass. On both occasions we were succesful in finding good marks to fish. the only trip I regret not going on was in search of tope but hopefully I’ll get an invite this year.

Happy Easter to all of you.