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I have recently found myself looking at what free fishing there is around the UK. Most game fishing is on controlled waters with seasonal fees or high-priced daily tickets. A good proportion of coarse fishing is managed by syndicates, piscitorial societies, clubs and managed waters. What would be good is to understand how much free fishing there is in order to introduce people to the sport and give more children the opportunity to try their hand. There is the sea which if free to all but most marina or piers charge a fee, Brighton and Shoreham charge £3 per rod.

The Wild Trout Trust in the past have managed a voucher scheme to allow members access to some hidden gems, these streams can be fished by redeeming a voucher to the landowner. This fishing isn’t for the novice but well worth supporting the Trust as they take it upon themselves to restore streams and increase water flow so wild trout and other fish can populate what was once a trickling stream to its former glory. See www.wildtrout.org . Other rivers where this has taken place is the River Wandle with great results.

There is a website www.dofreefishing.com to find free fishing in each county, what you will need is a fishing licence from the Environment Agency see www.environment-agency.gov.uk.

As summer draws near there is nothing more relaxing than sitting in the dappled sun light in the late afternoon either watching a float or casting a fly across the water.