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If walking around Wimbledon car boot on a Saturday wasn’t enough I got up early this morning to visit the monthly car boot sale in Chiswick, usually one of the better sales to visit but I can only report that today’s sale was very average with fewer vendors and even fewer people around.

I usually go in search of art, vintage glassware and vintage fishing tackle. Items of note were a good quality Hardy fishing waistcoat that changed hands for under £10, several fly boxes of flies, odd items of coarse fishing tackle and a few rods, some by Lee of Redditch. One item found just before I left was a good condition Abu 501 with not a scratch on it for £20.Lee of Redditch rod and bag

Bonnano Fly BoxWith only a few pounds change in my pocket I did pick up a small fly box by Bonnand, made in France and containing 6 well tied Alexander flies along with a leather box to keep my vintage watches in and 3 Dinsmore banksticks, I still had change out of a fiver.

The sun stayed out all day in South-West London so the afternoon was spent on Barnes Common sitting in the sun. With the coarse fishing season having come to an end fishing trips now need to be planned and on that note on the 22nd April sees the All England Squid Championship to be held at Brighton Marina. Hopefully a day between now and then will allow a spot of fishing for flat fish on the Sussex coast.