After a bitterly cold evening of watching Fulham FC draw with West Brom the warmth of the sitting room was a great relief. I though I would check out my site stats and came across a link to both a ‘the path by the water’ and ‘tales by a fairly average angler’. At first glance I picked up on a note that they thought my posts were marketing driven, but my links and references are for those who may wish to find out more about topics I write about or tackle that interest me and where to find it.

I too have a passion for fishing, one of the bogs has a quote which I have to say I agree with, this being ‘rivers and the inhabitants of the watery element were made for wise men to contemplate and for fools to pass by’. So may I bid, Black Sheep, Nobby, Weyfarer, Coelacanth and Crusty Old Bob a good evening and tight lines.